New & Used Metal Gondola in Tampa!

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Metal Gondola Shelving is another popular and multi-functional merchandising solution for any space. Island gondolas can be used as free standing units or to create a run with starters and add-ons. Our new Gondola shelving is heavy-duty with tan or black powder-coated finish. Metal Shelves & either a peg board or solid back offer flexible merchandising options. Gondola shelving is a popular system for every pharmacy, super market, grocery, convenience store, hardware store, discount store, liquor store, pawn shop, pet shop, and many more.  A Starter Unit is complete with 2 uprights, base shoe covers & end trim pieces. This unit can work as a free standing display or as the beginning section to a run. An Add-On unit comes with a single upright and is used to connect sections to create a run. Gondolas are made with heavy duty steel to accommodate heavy loads. The built in levelers and snap together parts make assembly quick and easy.

We have a variety of used metal gondola shelving in stock as well! Photos below are just a sample of our current inventory. Please give us a call and we can help you get the units you need.

Metal Gondola units are available in Tampa. Whether you are looking for new or used Metal Gondola, we can help. Gondola is a heavy-duty, high quality solution to creating functional shelving displays in your retail space. Wall Shelving can be used as storage shelving and can also be install in a storage room to create high quality metal shelving organization. Wall Gondolas can also be used around the perimeter of your store to create more functional space and add height to your displays. Metal Gondola is a perfect solution for convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, pet stores, tackle shops, retail stores and more. Use the Island Gondolas or aisle gondola units to create shoppable lanes in your space. Island gondolas are double sided to offer an aisle design on the inner parts of your merchandise floor. These units can be easily adjusted to accommodate a variety of merchandise. Use the pegboard backs and create a hanging display with peg hooks, or add heavy duty gondola shelves for your display. Gondola shelving can be adjusted at different angles to create a stunning tiered product display. Durable and attractive, these Metal Gondolas are available in a neutral Tan color or Premium black style. Along with pegboard or solid finish back selections, these Gondola shelving displays can adapt to any store design. We are available for any size project and can easily accommodate custom sizes if you have the lead time. Our Metal Gondola stock is managed aggressively to offer premium lead time service and strives to be at the top of the industry for availability. Please give us a call at 813-628-4332 to discuss your Metal Gondola Project.